Tahaa, named after the French-Polynesian Island, is a very comfy A-cord with a mixture of colors


The rope kind off structure is very soft and flexible. 

You don't have to be a sailor for Tahaa!


At every cord there is a rubber end, which you attach to your sunglasses. This rubber end we offer in different colors. Please see the last picture from above. You can choose which color you want for free. If you want an extra rubber cord end, for example because you have different colors of sunglasses, then you can choose an extra color for the rubber end for just € 3,00 extra here on the right.

  • Help the Toucan!

    When you buy an A-Cord you help the endangered Toucans, because A-Cords will donate € 1,00 per cord to the Toucan Rescue Ranch. This non-profit organization rescues, rehabilitates and releases Toucans.

Color for the rubber end of the cord? Last picture
Extra color for the end of the cord? Last picture

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